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Seasoned engineer, data center subject matter expert, trusted advisor and entrepreneur. With 30+ years of professional experience in the industry, and 20+ years dedicated mainly to data center physical infrastructure, I have a diverse background in planning, design, management, risk assessment, commissioning, audits, strategic consulting, technology-to-market and market intelligence. Founder and CEO of engineering firms, having led numerous engineering projects across different verticals.

The data center space is dynamic and innovative. With so many emerging technologies and still so much to accomplish in terms of reliability, efficiency and sustainability, there is no 'one size fits all' solution for data center physical infrastructure needs. I founded DCMetrix, to serve as trusted advisors in data center physical infrastructure including: power; cooling; telecommunications; sustainability; metrics and analytics; risk assessment; audits and gap analysis; capacity planning; innovative technologies; strategies; and technology-to-market.

More recently, in 2024, I joined Datacenter Dynamics as Managing Director for Research and Market Intelligence, looking to turn ideas into reality and build something unique and much needed for the data center industry.

Throughout the last few years I have deepened my knowledge of new and emerging technologies in the data center physical infrastructure space. Liquid cooling is one of such technologies as it will enable data centers to process next-gen compute intensive workloads more efficiently and sustainably. In 2023 I was honored to contribute as a reviewer of ARPA-E's COOLERCHIPS program proposalsThe COOLERCHIPS (Cooling Operations Optimized for Leaps in Energy, Reliability, and Carbon Hyperefficiency for Information Processing Systems) program will develop transformational, highly efficient, and reliable cooling technologies for data centers, and I can't wait to see the outcome!

As data center industry analyst at Omdia (part of Informa Tech), I led the data center power, cooling and sustainability research, including the ‘UPS Intelligence Service’ and the new ‘Data Center Thermal Management and Sustainability Intelligence Service’.capitalized on previous technical and market knowledge to design services and surveys, analyzed relevant data, and produced reports that, due to their high degree of reliability and accuracy, disrupted the data center market intelligence industry. Developed business and acted as lead consultant for multiple custom research projects.

In an effort to increase awareness of the data center industry among engineering students and train younger generations of engineers to enter this space, I developed and taught the course ‘Introduction to Data Centers’, while being full-time Electrical Engineering Faculty at West Texas A&M University.

​Throughout my PhD and subsequent years I conducted substantial research on data center physical infrastructure. My vision has been to improve data center performance while reducing risk, through the use of real-time key indicators, AI-enabled analytics, and automated actionable recommendations. In 2017 I proposed a Data Center Site Risk Metric, and a Framework for a Novel Multidimensional Data Center Metric comprising performance (efficiency, productivity, operations and sustainability) and risk. I am proud to share that the Multidimensional Data Center Metric has been incorporated in national data center standards and best practices (e.g., ANSI/TIA-942-C, ANSI/BICSI 002, BICSI 009).

I started my engineering career in my home country, Venezuela, where I founded and led engineering consulting firms highly specialized in niche markets. My initial venture, Tecnoconstrucciones 52768, designed and executed large-scale engineering and infrastructure projects for clients in the financial, insurance, healthcare and retail industries. We were also an integrator, solution provider, and distributor for manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Emerson, Siemon and Hubbell. We were the project leader, solution development and technical support behind the standardization of Schneider Electric air circuit breaker (MasterPact NW) and miniature switch disconnectors/isolators (Multi 9) at the main electric utility company ‘Electricidad de Caracas’ (now Corpoelec).

I then founded MLC Proyectos to further specialize in structured cabling systems, intelligent buildings and data centers. We established strategic alliances with corporations including Hewlett-Packard and IBM to perform the design, execution, commissioning and audits of several dozens of their clients' projects. An increasing opportunity to serve international markets, led me to establish Grupo Tecnosel, a company headquartered in Panama that provided advisory for data center physical infrastructure, digital transformation, critical thinking and guidance for long term plans of clients’ strategic agenda.


I enjoy research and knowledge-sharing by being a contributor to standards and best practices, and speaking at conferences such as Datacenter Dynamics, Data Center World, OCP Summit, BICSI, 7x24 Exchange, and AI Summit. I have authored numerous publications which to this day influence industry, academia and government agencies. One of my academic papers is referenced by the European Commission’s report: ‘Study on Greening Cloud Computing and Electronic Communication Services and Network - Towards Climate Neutrality by 2050’ (2022). I always look forward to learning from peers, and building meaningful interpersonal relations. As such, I have joined and actively participated in professional organizations such as ASHRAE, BICSI, AFCOM, and ICREA.

I hold a PhD and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical and Civil Engineering.

I reside in FL, US.

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